Who we are. 

We are Missional.

We believe that we have been called by God to encourage our community to know the Lord Jesus Christ; to serve one another in Christ-like love; and to grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are Intentional.

This family of God seeks to engage the communities in which we live for the purpose of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to exhibit the love of Christ in all we do, think, and say. We seek to represent Jesus Christ, his grace, and faith in him as the only way for salvation. We intend to prove God, Our Father; Jesus Christ, his son; and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit all-sufficient for every need. As such, in all our various ministry roles, our purpose is to always bring glory to Christ, so that we may never boast in our own works, but always and only in the work of Jesus Christ. (Galatians 6:5)

We are Hopeful.

Ever since the moment that Adam and Eve fell prey to Satan's deceit in the perfect garden paradise that God had created for them, man's relationship with God has been fractured. What was once perfect, is now stained and broken. But just like every relationship, there is hope for reconciliation and restoration. Things can be made right again. In fact, they have already been made right. You see, the Bible tells us that God so loved the world (his creation), that he gave his one and only Son--Jesus--to die as the perfect and final sacrifice, on the wooden cross at Calvary. In this selfless and sacrificial act, Jesus paid the debt of ALL OUR SINS...ever last one of them. By the blood of Jesus Christ, sin was forgiven. And if that wasn't gift enough, there's even more to the story! After three days, Jesus ROSE UP, victorious from that grave, and in his resurrection, secured life for us all! Where our sin had bought us death, Jesus won us new life, eternal, with him!

We intend to be faithful.

This Good News about Jesus isn't meant to be stored up or kept for ourselves. Its meant to be shared. We pray for endless opportunities to engage with those around us, our community, and for bold, willing hearts to speak the name of Jesus, clearly. Whether we are serving, speaking, praying, or giving, we seek to be bearers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We're driven by the words from the Apostle John:Christ must increase. Therefore, I must decrease. (John 3:30) We pray that God finds us to be willing vessels for his Gospel truth, and that, so much as we are made able by him, our lives may serve only to bring glory and praise to God our Father and Christ our King, by the power of the Holy Spirit, living in us.

Ready to join us on the journey?